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  • Cortney Lueth (Wednesday, April 12 23 06:42 pm EDT)

    What an amazing farm and Mark is so kind and funny. We learned so much and got milk a cow! (My mothers bucket list has been to milk a cow) We even got to feed a calf. You can purchase farm fresh milk, butter, cream, the best cottage cheese you will ever have and eggs. We highly recommend Irish Acres!I can’t explain how fun the farm is! Thank you so much Mark!!

  • Stella Bella (Saturday, February 25 23 07:58 pm EST)

    We Love Irish Acres! We have tried the Butter, Eggs, Milk, & Heavy Cream and it’s amazing the taste is so satisfying we keep coming back for more.., Yummy! Thank you

  • Cheryl Tanner (Friday, January 06 23 10:21 am EST)


  • Vickie & Bernie Armstrong (Saturday, June 26 21 08:54 am EDT)

    Thank you Mark for taking the time from your working farm to give us a tour! We enjoyed hearing about how you farm using sustainable agriculture practices. Your tour was interesting, educational, and very entertaining! Thank you for letting us sample and purchase your fresh and tasty dairy products!

  • vanesa hotchkiss (Sunday, February 09 20 10:45 am EST)

    hello irish acres you posted somewhere i read that you have guernsey not just jersey cows i have been looking for REAL A2 products from GUERNSEY . Is there a problem with managing this breed in florida? and thats why im only finding Jerseys ?

  • Diane K. (Sunday, September 08 19 07:28 pm EDT)

    Oxanna & Mark, two hardworking beautiful people produce fresh organic products for the health of their friends and neighbors. I am grateful for that .No matter how far I drive, I am a steady customer(friend) thank you both

  • Qianqian (Sunday, May 05 19 09:43 pm EDT)

    I bought eggs from Mark and Oksana. The eggs are very fresh and taste great!!! Like what I ate 20 years ago from my grandma’s chicken!!

  • Lin (Sunday, May 05 19 09:34 pm EDT)

    I bought eggs from Irishacres .Their eggs are great!!!The yolk is very fresh. Like what I ate 20 years ago from my grandma’s chickens.

  • WAP-er (Tuesday, January 08 19 11:12 pm EST)

    My pets love Oksana's cheese so much that they suddenly began walking upright, speaking in full sentences and asking for more cheese! Seriously, though, this is the most lovely, fresh, full fat cheese EVER and your life will not be complete until own this REAL cheese made with love & care. Thank you Irish Acres!

  • Carrie (Saturday, October 20 18 07:35 am EDT)

    The BEST local butter & milk from grass-fed cows!

  • H. Hughes Griggs (Wednesday, October 17 18 09:00 pm EDT)

    I've been getting 6-8 gallons of milk at at time from Irish Acres, as well as their other wholly delightful offerings (yogurt, butter, kefir, etc...), for a while now and have come to really enjoy picking up the milk at the farm.
    We were previously buying organic, grass fed milk from Whole Foods or Publix at $6-8 for HALF gallons of absurdly lesser quality, weeks-and-weeks old milk. Buying from Irish Acres actually SAVES US MONEY on top of providing superior health benefits for my family.
    At first, my husband (a lifelong skim or 2% milk guy) was not thrilled at the idea of rich, whole milk. It only took about 2 glasses to completely change his mind. ;) He's a quart a day guy now, who pesters me when we start to run low on milk. ;)
    This is phenomenally fresh whole milk -- WITH CREAM ON TOP -- that, in our experience, stays delicious and without a hint of taste change for easily two weeks or more.
    Every once in a while I arrive at milking time and one of the girls will be casually snacking from a bucket while being milked. Beautiful, gentle and sweet cows that make the best milk ever. I could sing their praises for pages and pages, but, in short, if you're looking to buy local and buy raw, this is the place.

    PS - There's a farm that sells fresh, local honey just down the road from Irish Acres. You can get both in one trip! :D

  • wendy palumbo (Wednesday, October 10 18 02:55 pm EDT)

    I highly recommend this farm. They are maticulous and caring in the care of their farm animal. The products are just amazing. 5 stars all the way!!

  • Ken F. (Monday, July 23 18 11:19 pm EDT)

    Very impressed with the clean and natural environment at Irish Acres. Knowledgeable owners who freely give advice and tips . Worth the drive and the produce is top of the line. And yes.... they are Irish.

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