Our Products

Our market has grown over the years from small beginnings to become a local center for a wide variety farm products, ranging from dairy,Free range chicken for eggs,and pasture raised chicken for te table. (special Ordes for cheese can be made)   You can get some idea of our selection of produce by taking a look at the selection below. 

Our Dairy

We supply a whole range of fresh Dairy and Chicken products. 

 You will not find anything this delicious at the supermarket!

  • Raw Milk
  • Yogrut
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Weigh
  • Eggs
  • Pasture raised chicken
  • Always keep RAW DAIRY at 34 to 37  degrees in your fridge
  • Raw dairy is alive with all sorts of goodness "cold is key"
  • All Raw Dariy is for Animal consumation Not for Human consumation
  • If you are coming by the farm ,please call befor coming by.

Our Dairy Products

There is nothing like fresh milk when it comes to making good butter, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. You can really taste the difference!

  • Non-homogenized  raw milk
  • Real raw buttery butter
  • Our specialty cheese
  • a wide variety of orther dairy products such as yogurt and cream

Other farm choices we have

You are sure to love our other products! It's as though they came from your own back yard!


  • fresh free range eggs
  • pastured raised chicken 
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