Jersey Raw Milk


Jersey Cows are known world over to have the richest milk containing the A2 type of beta casein protine.


We at Irish Acres go to great efforts to give out girls the best of grass to feed on. In fact we move them to new pasture every other day. By moving them to different areas of the farm. This ensures a fresh salad bar of grass.


A recently published study in the UK based Nutrition Journal reports that a2 milk increases the natural production of the antioxidant (also known as GSH).

High in vitamin B-12 a nutrient essential for creating red blood cells.


 Dr Richard Deth, Professor of Pharmacology at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, USA said, “It was quite remarkable to find that milk containing only the A2 type of beta-casein protein produced measurably higher blood levels of the antioxidant glutathione as compared to conventional milk (which has a combination of A1 and A2 protein.


  Products that we have available for you:


  •   Raw Milk One gallon  (Jersey)                   
  •   Raw Kefir half gallon                                   
  •   Raw Yogurt Plain                                          
  •   Cottage Cheese one pint                               
  •   Raw Butter
  •   Raw Cream


Please note:

  • Always keep RAW DAIRY at 34 to 37  degrees in your fridge
  • Raw dairy is alive with all sorts of goodness "cold is key"
  • All Raw Dariy is for Animal consumation Not for Human consumation
  • If you are coming by the farm ,please call befor coming by.



Please call the farm for availability and pricing 352-279-4035 or 352-702-6869





Raw milk sales for animal consumption for not human consumption.
The Florida Department of Agriculture permits the sale of Raw Milk and Raw Milk Products for animal Consumption Only, even though there is no state law that covers this issue. The state permits raw milk sales for animal consumption either on the farm or in retail stores.    We are a licensed  "Manufacturing and Distributing Pet Food Facility".  This in no way diminishes the quality of our products.  We take pride in providing clean, nutritious raw milk to our customers.  Please refrain from discussing personal usage or the health benefits of Raw Milk with us or our wholesale customers as this would jeopardize our license. 

Thank You.




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