Meat Chickens


Each day Irish Acres Pasture chickens are put on fresh pasture. This allows them to forage on grasses and bugs which they just love. We keep them safe from hungry eyes in their chicken hotel. This is where they are kept clean, warm or cool, and safe with lots of healthy food. 


Let us know how many chickens you wish to have each month, once they are processed we will contact you for pick up. Why put all of the unknowns into your body? Eating healthy food makes for good health.



We are bringing in a supply of chicks every six to seven weeks. This gives us the ability to have a ongoing supply of chickens. We ask that you call to see where our availability is. If we do have surplus, you are welcome to the birds. If it happens that we are out we can put on our rotation to ensure a ongoing supply for you. We do grow out our birds for as long as we can. This gives us a nice big chicken.

Always remember you are welcome to come and visit the farm any time. Please call ahead to ensure we are around.


Whole Chicken $7.00 per pound.  All birds are frozen if not picken up on day of processing.




Processing farm factory chickens. They want us to eat them! really! 

Is this what you want your food to go through???   The begging question...What are they injecting into those chickens, and then we eat them??? 





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