Field Trips


           Come visit Irish Acres: A working farm in your Neighborhood


What will you and your group experience while here on Irish Acres?

  • Learn how we manage our pasture raised chickens
  • Visit our hatchery, how the life of an eggs unfolds from laying by the hen to hatching.
  • How does milk get to the table? Where does it all start. A discovery on this journey from field to Table.
  • Learn how dairy products are made.
  • Get the answer to the question: what makes a farm a farm?
  • Come and have the experience of milking one of our cows.
  • Learn how our farm is farming the land.
  • For those that are more adventuress ask about our prossesing days for our meat birds. some chickens. 
  • We customize each visit based on interested, age group, and how many will be coming.





  •  $15.00 per school aged child, 10 or more students 
  • Preschooler are free when accompanied with a Parent   
  • Family, couple, or individual Farm experance, we can accommodate you. Please call for pricing
  • Chicken processing classes,Please call for information
  • Each Farm visit is customized to your group needs.

Farmer Mark and Oksana Counihan

Ph: 352-279-4035 or 652-702-6869







Fresh Eggs

Fresh and Good

Our girls on the Farm

Our wild freinds come to visit

Blessed with a rainbow

Our girls on the Farm




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